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Sample gift card customization.

Looking for the perfect gift idea that won’t go to waste?

Surprise your Bon ami ¹ with a gift from Uncle Mick’s Cajun Market & Cafe!

But whatever you do, don’t take gift-giving advice from Boudreaux! ²

Last year, Boudreaux bought Marie’s momma a cemetery plot for a Christmas gift. This year, he didn’t buy her anything. Incensed, Momma-in-law asked Boudreaux why he didn’t give her any gifts this year. Boudreaux told her, “Mais, because you still haven’t used what I bought you last year!

Gift Voucher Options

Whether your gift recipient is a “regular” at Uncle Mick’s or a first-time customer, this is a unique gift idea that’s sure to please.

Our gift cards and certificates are a great way to say “thank you,” a simple way to treat someone special, or perfect for any occasion or calendar event, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas holiday season
  • Valentine’s day
  • Mother’s day
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Veteran’s day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Happy New Year
  • Employee recognition
  • Get well/better soon

To obtain a gift voucher, you have two options:

  1. Buy a gift certificate at our restaurant. – Details ↓
  2. Purchase a gift card online. – Details ↓

Whether you’re a generous gifter or grateful gift recipient, contact us if you have any questions.

Purchase Gift Certificates In-Store

If the Internet is not your thing, we sell “old school” gift certificates at our restaurant.

To purchase a pre-printed gift voucher personally autographed by Uncle Mick, visit us during our regular business hours.

Gift Card Deals in Prattville AL
Need a great gift idea? Pshaw! Ain’t nuttin’ to it! ³

Our in-store gift certificates are:

  • Available in any amount
  • Pre-printed paper vouchers (see image above)
  • Redeemable for any food item on our menu
  • NOT redeemable for cash
  • Good for one year from the date of purchase

Additional gift ideas include Uncle Mick’s Original HOT Sauce and branded apparel. For details, click here ».

The next time you’re gift shopping in downtown Prattville, stop by our cafe and have a look.

Buy Gift Cards Online

The only thing better than a fais do-do is receiving the gift of Cajun cookin’ from Uncle Mick’s!

If visiting our restaurant is not an option, we made it easy to buy gift cards online by teaming up with 3rd-party providers of prepaid cards.

Delivery options for your digital gift card include:

  • Email
  • SMS text message
  • Print at home
  • Postal mail

To purchase and customize a gift card on the web, visit one of the gift card providers below.

Giftly gift card

Click the above button to access Uncle Mick’s profile page on the Giftly website.

To see an example of what the gift card recipient sees when you send a gift, click here ».

GiftRocket gift voucher

Click the above button to access Uncle Mick’s profile page on the GiftRocket website.

To see how it works when you buy a GiftRocket Gift Card, click here ».

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a gift card from Uncle Mick’s.

We’re confident the recipient(s) of your generous gift will be pleased, and you can always count on us to treat them right!


¹ A “Bon ami” is a good friend, pronounced [bon ah-mee].

² A “Fais Do-Do” is a big party where dancing and festivities last long into the night, pronounced [fay doh-doh].

³ “Pshaw,” pronounced [p’shaw], [puhshaw], or just [shaw], is a Cajun expression for “Nothing to it.” Source: Cajun French Quizlet, website link ».

Credit: Boudreaux & Thibodeaux Cajun Humor Page, website link »

Please note: Uncle Mick’s is NOT affiliated with any 3rd-party providers of prepaid gift cards linked from our website.