Restaurant Map and Directions

Uncle Mick’s is only “One Bite Away from the Bayou,” but you might need more than a Pirogue¹ and Thibodeaux’s hazy recollection to find us!

If driving from Maxwell-Gunter AFB, the State Capitol Complex in Montgomery, or just passing through the area along Interstate 65, check out our “one-click” directions by scrolling down ↓

Location Map

Driving Directions

Maxwell Air Force Base

Coming from Maxwell Air Force Base near the Day Street entrance in Montgomery? Click here for directions »

Montgomery State Capitol

If driving from downtown Montgomery near the capitol building, click here to find your way »

I-65 South

Traveling south on Interstate 65 between Birmingham and Alabama’s beautiful gulf coast beaches? Y’all take a break and come see!

For the tastiest pit stop south of the Mason-Dixon line, click right here »

Of course, it works travelling North as well (sort of).

Define Your Starting Point

Don’t need our stinkin’ help? We didn’t think so!

Just as long as you arrive alive AND often!

Choose your own own starting point by clicking on this link-a-ma-jig »

And if you see Thibodeaux² broke down by the side of the road, please give him a ride! He might “have a hole in his pirogue,” just like in the song by Johnny Horton.

To listen, scroll down ↓

Got A Hole In Your Pirogue?

Pirogues were so popular that in 1953 Johnny Horton wrote the lyrics and recorded “I Got A Hole In My Pirogue.”

It’s okay, sing along!

Well I went out a fishin’ to make a little mon. ♪
To take to Cajulina so we could have some fun. ♫
On the way back, I knocked a hole in my bow. 🎼
I got a hole in my pirogue, I can’t go see my gal.


¹ A “Pirogue”, pronounced [pee-row], is often the vehicle of choice with the Cajuns of the Louisiana marsh. The early Cajun pirogues were cypress dugouts but today they are usually flat-bottomed boats. Source: Wikipedia. Pirogue, Louisiana, website link ».

Source: Pirogue pronunciation in English. Forvo, angeleyes91011. Website link »

² “Thibodeaux,” pronounced [tib-uh-doh], is a fictional but humorous character from Southern Louisiana experiencing life’s trials and tribulations. Source: Wikipedia. Boudreaux and Thibodeaux, History, website link ».